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Stop Being So $#%@ Productive...and Have the Discipline to be Curious!

Today's workers are the most productive in the history of earth--no slight intended to those aliens who built the Pyramids and Stonehenge. Successful and productive workers tend to have a bias for action, which means that we also have a tendency to operate in a heads-down mode, oblivious to...


Wave your freak flag!

Wave your freak flag! Escape the Commodity Trap by crafting a strong value proposition that reflects not only your capabilities but also the results you deliver and your unique approach to delivering them. We are all special and unique, yet others don’t always see us that way. We all struggle...


Do you have clear financial goals?

Consultants, do you have clear financial goals? I’ve met and worked with many consultants over the years.Many of us don’t seem to have an end game, let alone shorter term goals, other than to find the next project.It doesn’t need to be that way.A little goal setting and planning can go a long...


Are you micro-learning?

Micro-learning is a trendy new term that refers to learning new content in small bite-sized pieces, typically while on the go. It's similar to just-in-time learning--which refers to learning that happens at the point-of-need, when you need to know something in order to perform a task. The...


Don't Hate the Player...Change the Game!

My brain sometimes conjures up the image of Bob Barker (sorry, Drew Carey) in the TV game show "The Price is Right!" and the announcer calling out: "Gus Prestera, come on down! You're the next contestant on The Price is Right!" I run down to the stage, screaming, hands in the air like I just...


Are you slipping on the Five Pricing Pitfalls?

In this blog post, I'll introduce you to five sets of misconceptions and mistakes that consultants often make with regard to pricing their services...what I call the Pricing Pitfalls. Do you get nervous when people ask you about your rates or about a quote for a consulting project? Even with...